Thursday, January 22, 2015

Togethershare received the 4 star award from software.informer

Francisco Martínez Senior editor

Togethershare Data Recovery Free can locate and bring back to life any type of document and media file in just seconds.

It provides you with a quick (though powerful) scan process that will locate all those photos, video files, Office documents, audio files, e-mails, archive files, etc., that can be recovered and will list them to you by folder in no time. If you cannot find the file you are looking for, you can always invest a couple of minutes in running its Deep Scan, that will find even those files that you thought lost forever. It doesn’t matter what caused the file loss – accidental deletion, formatting, and even operating system reinstallation – TogetherShare Data Recovery Free can detect any deleted file and recover it quickly and easily regardless of the storage device or hard drive that hosted it. It deals seamlessly with any FAT or NTFS file system, including hard drives (internal and external), mobile phones, media players, memory sticks, digital cameras... you name it.

Knowing that losing your precious files is quite a stressful situation, this recovery tool has been designed to be as simple to use as possible. It works as a 3-step wizard, which will simply ask you to select a drive or device, to launch the scan process, and to select the file to recover among those detected. When using the Deep Scan analysis you have the possibility of pausing the process – as it may take a few minutes depending on the size of the drive – and resume it later. Once the file has been located, you can select it and preview its contents, which is especially useful when trying to recover photographs or other image files.

Simple, efficient, flexible, and free. There is no other way to define this recovery tool. If you happen to need recovering more than 1.2 GB data, you can always upgrade to the Professional edition, or even to the Unlimited version, if you want all users in your company to have it installed on their computers.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Togethershare data recovery for Mac 5.1 new updated!

New Updated! Free, Quick and Easy Mac Data Recovery Software from Togethershare.
Thesday, 12 January 2015, 11:35:19 EDT

  Togethershare Software, keeps to compatible with the latest MAC operating system. We always engage in Anti-piracy works, exploring new technology and file system technology include HFS+. Today update new version of Togethershare data recovery for Mac with the adjustment of the recover process. After ten days beta test, we received review by our users: "I want to say thank you for this great program! Your program helped me to get back all my lost files in a fast way and absolutely perfect.(Other programs I testes gave up.)" - By Christian Stokowski
  The first step of the free Mac file recovery software is downloading and installing it onto the computer. The second step would be to open the software and select the type of loss the Mac is experiencing, for example, whether it is partition or a volume loss. Once this is selected, the software will do a complete and thorough search of the Mac computer for the loss data and display the results on the screen. The third and final step is to review the files found in the search results and ensure that they are the files that are desired.

This version solves some history bugs, compatible with Mac OS 10.10 and combined with the new demands of the market.

Key Features:

1.Compatible with Mac OS 10.10
2.Add license online check.
3.Adjustment of the recover process.

Price and Availability:

Togethershare data recovery for MAC is available for $49.99 at:

Togethershare data recovery for windows 5.0 new updated!

New Updated! Free and High Performance Data Recovery Software for Windows from Togethershare.
Thesday, 12 January 2015, 11:25:08 EDT

Togethershare Software, keeps to provides highly-qualified and high performance data recovery for windows, mac and ios platform. We always aim to solve users' troubles and responsibility to protect user's data. Today update new version 5.0 of Togethershare data recovery for windows with a big enhancement on its software GUI and performance.

Most lost data users consider Togethershare data recovery for windows as their first choice. 
"Thanks for the quick and accurate data recovery software. My office documents lost due to my mistake format, so i use this software full of expectation. I wasn't disappointed with it. Thanks very much!"said user bsjaffe.

This version solves part of the user's feedbacks, compatible with windows 10 and combined with the new demands of the market.

Key Features:

1.Scan and build lost file tree simultaneously.
2.Add pause, stop and continue feature during scan.
3.Support recover all types files or single type.
4.Classification and enumeration partition with or without drive letter.
5.Support common location recovery, such as libary and desktop.
6.Support show the lost files by location, types and times.
7.Add additional 1G free recovery by share our product with your facebook, twitter and google+ account.

Price and Availability:

Togethershare data recovery for windows is available for $39.99 at:

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Thanks to our valued customers who made 2014 a mega event!

TogetherShare had a wonderful 2014 and sincerely thanking all the users who had enjoyed using the TogetherShare data recovery for windows, Mac and iPhones who made our products a real success! TogetherShare software were introduced in the market by targeting windows, Mac and iphone users which were tailored to give the best performance to recover the lost files. TogetherShare data recovery for Windows were proved very effective, safe and powerful enough to recover all files are believed to be considered as lost forever. It is one of the best reliable software to recover files from deleted files or to retrieve files from formatted hard drive data.

The flexibility options to retrieve the files are so easy:
TogetherShare data recoveries for mac were given enough solace to the users with Mac OS during the year 2014. It was considered as the most popular and dependable Mac data recovery software. The software is widely used retrieve files from various gadgets which are programmed to run by using Mac OS. The operation options such as preview and select the required files that are to be retrieved given enough operation flexibility. The software is featured with an easy to use prompt helped even a non-tech guy to operate the software without any complications. 2014 releases has given enough flexibility and ease for the users as there were nothing to worry in the event if the files had deleted deliberately or accidently as the files can be easily restored by using the software.

The best cool features:
TogetherShare data recovery software for iPhone software was sold during 2014 in windows and Mac version with very cool features. This was simply superb for users who were having windows and Mac operation system in the iPhones. With the recovery software, recovery of photos, notes, call history, calendars, messages, contacts, reminders, documents and bookmarks etc., can be easily recovered irrespective of the action that led to the deletion of the data. TogetherShare data recovered system is regarded as the best of recovery tool with easy interface that allowed its users a very hassle free operation. 

Looking optimistically for the year 2015:
TogetherShare offers uninterrupted enhanced products support and customer satisfaction for the year 2015 and determined to keep the market legacy. The research and development wing of TogetherShare is determined to enhance the quality of recovery software to meet the new market challenges that may arise in 2015.

Christmas and New Year offer:
Christmas and New Year is being celebrated by TogetherShare with special offers to support the customers. The bonanza is a surprising event that offers 50% discount on the cost of the software by keeping intact the product delivery service. No extra charges or hidden charges are levied to the customers during the celebration time. During the Christmas and New Year special offer, TogetherShare Data Recovery Pro for windows and Mac will be sold for US$ 19.99 instead of US$39.99 and US$ 24.99 instead of US$ 49.99 respectively. Similarly TogetherShare Data Recover for iPhone will be sold for US$ 24.99 Instead of US$ 49.99 for both Window and Mac OS. Further TogetherShare Data Recovery Unlimited shall be sold for US$ 149.99 instead of US$ 299.99.

The standard terms such as, 30 days Money Back Guarantee, 100% virus free software, free plug-in installations, around the clock customer service throughout the year are unchanged during the special price scheme offer! 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Worried about recovering lost video images – it is a no problem issue now!

Recover Videos from Canon Camcorder on Mac is a simple process ever since the introduction of TogetherShare Data Recovery software.  The software is being offered free for Mac users with wonderful interface.  You don’t need to be computer wizard to retrieve video files from Canon Camcorder.  The chances of losing video images from a Camcorder is always possible and if happens during a function or after going through the editing or review process, the agony what may create due to the inadvertent incident would be beyond imagination. 

Quick recovery process:
TogetherShare Free data recovery software helps to recover files from Canon Vixia HG20 with quick recovery process. The easy interface features has put the software in the topnotch position in video recovery software segment and hence it is has become most reliably popular software for Mac data retraction.   The software helps to recover all deleted files, whether accidently or deliberately removed from the storage space; let it be in the hard drive, SD card, USB drive or even in the memory of the video camera.  The chances in having the inability not to locate the file location are always very high. So it is better to install TogetherShare video data recovery software in your computer. 

Canon Camcorder video recovery software has to be installed in your computer.  After the software is installed and when you are ready with your system to do the recover process, connect the Canon Camcorder with your computer or insert the SD card in the card or USB drive in the drive slot and follow the prompt appear on your computer screen.  In normal cases, there are so many unknown reason will cause data recovery issues. Sometime the file could be deleted due to an accidental deletion, due to corrupted storage media, virus infection etc.  The formatting of flash memory card also could be a reason for data loss.  

The new software is a solace that plugged the worries:
The free card recovery software offered in the market for Canon Camcorder Video is a solace for video camera users and professional operators.  The software installation is so easy and anybody can simply do the installation. After running the software a series of prompt will appear on the screen and that will let you scan through the files with the extensions.  When the prompt ask for new scan secession, click okay to continue.  Click to the section where you lost the data and software will show you the preview of the video that are available for recovery. 

On your left side of the screen will show the entire lost file.  Select those files after going through the preview options and confirm the recovery option by scoring the select box.  Once the process is confirmed the card recovery software will retrieve the video with original digital quality. Recover Videos from Canon Camcorder on Mac by using the TogetherShare software give an incredible solution of your worries, which you are feared as a potential danger and how to get over it if this has happened in between a function. 

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Togethershare Christmas Activity 2014 Now Started! 50% OFF!

Hello everyone!
  Togethershare Christmas Activity 2014 Now Started!
  First of all, by the dawn of Christmas, I wish all my friends a Merry Christmas. Also we take this opportunity to sell all of our products with 50% off.
  Togethershare Data Recovery for Windows, Togethershare Data Recovery for Mac,
  Togethershare Data Recovery for iPhone(Windows and Mac version) are all 50% OFF!
  If you like to get more details of the activity, please visit our activity pages:

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Recovery of NEF files in Nikon Camera is made easy!

Gone are the days to worry about recover nef files, when you are accidently or deliberately deleted photos from your Nikon Camera.  In the good old days, you would be in a difficult embarrassing stage, when you land in such a soup to recover your deleted image.  Thanks to new generation software technologies available to recover any photo images those are available in the market.  TogetherShare is offering professional data retrieving software to recover .nef files from the SD card.The software is very reliable and is able to reproduce the original what has been deleted. 

The software with a magic touch:
Nikon nef file recovery software introduced by TogetherShare Data Recovery is a friendly interface software that can run on your computer to recover any deleted files in NEF format.  When technically speaking, you must understand the fact that when a file is deleted from the SD card, actually the file is not erased permanently.  Instead the built in software of the Nikon camera remove the image from the space allow a new image is placed over the same space.  The new NEF recovery software works on this space and retrieves and brings back the hidden image without compromising its digital quality. 

Available in Window and Mac version:
The new software used to recover the deleted photo image files are called as Nikon  sd card recovery software allows you to trace back the deleted files without much effort.  The program once installed will recover NEF and other files such as RAW and JPEG without compromising on the quality. The software is available in Window and Mac version. The installation processes are simple and easy to follow.  

Simple process:
How the NEF files can be retrieved?  You have to install the TogetherShare in your computer and follow the prompts to recover the images by using nef raw recovery option in the software. After the installation, connect your Nikon camera with your computer or place SD card in the card reader slot. By clicking on the ‘Start a new scan’ prompt, the drive will take you to a process of scanning all deleted files with their extensions.  The image displays will allow you to identify the images what are deleted and what you want to retrieve.

Preview files before you select:  
The preview options in the Togethershare Data Recovery will let you select and preview to make sure the exact file what you are looking for and recover nef files with NEF extension other than JPEG or RAW files.  After confirming the file by selecting on the icon box simply confirm to process. The software is having multiple selection options of files that can retrieved in a single operation.  The option let you opt for any extension of files that are to be recovered and any numbers of files can be recovered by a single recovery process.  This will help to recover the files in a much fast phase.  All the selected files will be appearing in the right pane of the window by list or thumbnails as per the selection.  Check those files and click for recover.  You are done!!

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